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Our company was established since year 1991, owners are Eng. Hatem Abdel Hady and Eng.Gamal A.Saad

Main activity is importing many materials, systems, machines and equipment for companies,  factories, construction equipment and others. We deal with all types of access machines and façade maintenance/cleaning systems.

We have very strong and good relationships with many suppliers around world based on different types of agreements.


Our scope of work:

 - to Import/supply required systems

 - Installation, testing and commissioning

 - Maintenance and spare parts replacement


Legal shape : Partnership company

Capital         : 500 000,- Egyptian pounds


Secalt visiting
our expected visiting to Secalt factory
Departure of Mr.Cyril Dejonghe & Mr.Sudheer Kottila
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permenant - Mars
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Temperory - Tangor
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